The primary aim of the IQAC is
To promote cognizant, reliable and catalytic action plans pertaining to the mechanism for improving the academic and administrative performance of the institution. To endorse augmentation of excellence and maintain it through best practices and fostering quality culture.

IQAC Meeting dated on Friday - 19 March 2021 [1.00 p.m.]

  • To create awareness about IQAC.
  • To display IQAC nominations
  • To discuss objectives, roles and responsibilities of quality circles (QC) in IQAC
  • To discuss roles and responsibilities of Heads and faculty members

The meeting was chaired by Hon’ble M.D., DIET Campus for above mentioned agenda points.

Following points were discussed in the meeting.

  • Quality assurance, IQAC vision and primary objects discussed and presented in front of QC coordinators.
  • Strategy in terms of mechanism and procedures of IQAC discussed.
  • IQAC functions and benefits presented.
  • Operational features of IQAC discussed in terms of block diagram pertaining to flow of the data.
  • Generation of IQAC reports viz. AQAR, Annual report, annual academic and administrative audit discussed.
  • Quality circles agenda points, responsibilities and committees discussed.
  • Near objective viz. AQAR for AY 2019-20 discussed.

All quality circle coordinators, IQAC coordinators and head of the department attended the meeting. It was decided to work on near objective and generate the report in next 3 weeks.

‘Internal Quality Assurance Cell’ (IQAC) of Dnyanshree Institute of Engineering & Technology

Established – 15 January, 2021

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Position in IQAC
1 Mr. Dnyandev K. Ranjane Member of Management
2 Prof. Rohit D. Wangde Trust Nominee
3 Dr. A. D. Jadhav Chairman
4 Prof. U. R. More Co-Ordinator
5 Mr. Sanjay. Y.Katkar Office Superintendent
6 Prof. Deepak D. Ubale Teacher Nominee [Research]
7 Prof. Sandeep M. Huddedar Teacher Nominee [HoD]
8 Prof. Vijay R. Mane Teacher Nominee
[Assistant Prof.]
9 Prof. Akanksha M. Jadhav Teacher Nominee
[Woman Representative]
10 Prof. Balasaheb S. Nale Teacher Nominee
[Skill development & Training]
11 Prof. Minakshi K. Kadam Teacher Nominee
[Extension & Students coordination]
12 Dr. Ashok D. Bhagwat Examination Section
13 Mrs. Nagarkar Vandana S. Library
14 Ms. Khamkar Pooja V Account
15 Mr. Sanjay Y. Katkar HR Representative
16 Ms. Divya Unkule Student Nominee
17 Mr. Amit Mane Alumni Nominee
18 Mr. Anup A. Mutha / Mr. Sachin Doshi Employer
19 Mr. Dhairyasheel Bhosale Industry
20 Prof. Akshay D. Homkar Technical (ICT) Faculty
21 Mr. Santosh S. Shinde Parent / Industry Nominee