From Chairperson's Desk


It gives me immense pleasure to express my views.

I strongly believe that personality is the true representation of a persons inner thoughts. Visionary thinking, Desire with Devotion, and ethical accomplishment of the life missions are the major attributes of the personality. All these accomplishments should be beneficial to the society at large.

I am proud to be a successor of spiritually cultured Wangde family. I am always influenced by honest and painstaking efforts of Late Shri. Raosaheb Bhausaheb Wangde Master and Late Shri. Bapusaheb Ramchandra Wangde towards development of the society. The Raosaheb Wangde Master Charitable Trust (RWMCT) was founded in the year 1994 by taking accountability to enlarge the domains of great efforts of the both inspirations. The RWMCT is providing financial support, disseminating education in remote areas, supporting the orphan students, providing health-related services, and organizing various social events etc. The Bhai Wangde foundation is also equally functioning to fulfil the missions of Wangde family.

In today's emerging scenario, technological education is an important step for the holistic development of students. RWMCT's Dnyanshree Institute of Engineering and Technology (DIET) is one of the real- world ethical accomplishments of the RWMCT. Dnyanshree Institute is continuously developing the students by promoting human values. This is making them the responsible elements of the society. The conducive environment, strategically planned efficient teaching-learning processes, state of the art facilities, constant efforts towards research and skill developments, moral building programs and activities, social activities, sports and cultural activities, industry support, training and placements, etc. are the backbones ofthen Valued Education imparted at the delightful campus of the College.

We always welcome all aspirants to become an ethical and cultured technocrat at Dnyanshree Institute of engineering Technology.

Thank you.