From MD's Desk

Hello everyone!

Feeling good to have interaction with all through this message.

I feel fortunate to be a descendant of the legacy of social contributions and services, pioneered and committed by Honourable Chairman Mr. Bhai Wangde through Raosaheb Wangde Master Charitable Trust and Dnyanshree Institute of Engineering Technology, Satara.

Being Engineer, I trust that true education always empowers everyone to face and solve the complex problems or challenges confidently and obviously engineering education is no exception. The comprehensive education platforms should foster quality education.

The role of an Engineer is very crucial in providing feasible solutions on complex problems arising in the life. Efforts of our Honourable Chairman and his teammates has been resulted into establishment a well-equipped beautiful and green educational campus in the hilly terrain. A motivational example for us for providing solutions over numerous problems while developing campus in such region.

The DIET is developing competent engineers since 2012. The proud achievements of alumni and students of the College are demonstrating through their disciplined behaviors, noteworthy academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular performances. I am really appreciating them for representing the College at University/ State/National/International level.

Be a part of the Dnyanshree Institute of Engineering and Technology for making the successful career.

Thank you.