Diploma Program

About Course

The increased drive for automation in the operation process of industries and the need for newer variants of machines has led to the increased demand in technicians and mechanical supervisors around the world. The Mechanical Diploma Holders are generally engaged in supervisory categories in different industries . The diploma in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus is designed in such a way so that the students are able to handle different technical issues in Mechanics accordingly.

Course Offered

Diploma-Mechanical Engineering- 45 Seats


  • Well Equipped Laboratories
  • Dedicated Workshop
  • Seminar Hall


  • Power Engineering Laboratory
  • CAD / CAM/ CAE Laboratory
  • Theory of Machines Laboratory
  • Automobile Engineering Laboratory
  • Mechanical Engineering: Additional Workshop


Mr. Sudhir Haribhau Tanksale
Head Of Department -

Industry 15 yr Experience, Teaching 15 yr Experience. Achievements

  • TPO District Coordinator
  • Best Employee Award 2014
  • Member of EMC 2019
  • Mr. Pravin Bhalchandra Nikam -

    B.E.(Mechanical) M.Tech Design(App) 05yr Experience

  • Best Upcoming Teacher Award 2020
  • Best Teacher Award 2022
  • Best Guardian Teacher Award 2022
  • Ms. Supriya Dhondiram Thorat -

    B.E.(Mechanical) 04yr Experience

  • Research Papaer Published : 1
  • Ms. Rutuja Vivek Devi -

    B.Tech.(Mechanical) M.Tech Design(App) 06 Months ExperienceAchievements

  • Research Papaer Published
  • About Course

    Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a well-known branch of engineering. It deals with the reception of video, microprocessors, analogue communication, digital and analogue integrated circuits, satellite communication, antennae and wave progression, solid-state devices, voice and data etc. It is a three-year long course having 6 semesters in it.

    There is no doubt that with the help of various electronic gadgets, the quality of our lives has improved a lot. Not just this, with the hype of electronics all around the world, it has become very important to have a better communication network with the help of latest circuits and devices. Diploma in electronics and telecommunication focuses on the manufacturing of circuits, electronic devices and different types of communications equipment such as integrated circuits, fibre, receivers, transmitter and microwaves. After completing this diploma course, students will have better knowledge and skills which would help them get better career and jobs opportunities in the industry.

    Course Offered

    Diploma-Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering- 45 Seats


    • Well Equipped Laboratories
    • Smart Classrooms
    • Seminar Hall


    • Electronics Devices & Circuit Laboratory
    • Computer Laboratory
    • Digital Electronics & Embedded System Laboratory
    • Project Laboratory
    • Electronics Communication Laboratory